Crested Butte Real Estate Report

Crested Butte Real Estate Report

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May 10 2018

As we approach what many locals consider to be the most exciting time of year– summer – it’s time to reflect on how the real estate market is doing.  It’s a question many realtors are frequently asked.  Most realtors would love to say that real estate is doing “awesome”, and many may be tempted to report just that.  Some may declare that it is a “Buyers” market or a “Sellers” market.  However, we look at the statistics to tell us what is happening in Crested Butte area real estate.  This is an update to our twice-yearly report on the different sectors of the Crested Butte real estate market.

We are bullish on the continuation of a robust real estate market this summer. Our inventory levels continue to drop throughout the area and demand continues to be strong, even in the off-season months.  Builders and developers are very busy with new homes and projects, and mortgage rates remain very attractive. All these are very encouraging signs of continued strength in Crested Butte real estate.

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