Reserve Your Locker Today - Located in the Treasury Center

Wood lockers formerly operated by Adaptive Sports in the north east corner of the lower level.

  • 2 -4 Person Capacity
  • Boot Dryers Available In Some lockers
  • Regular: $600
    • Size: (18W x 21D)
  • Regular with 1 boot dryer: $625
    • Size (18W x 21D)
  • Regular with 2 boot dryers: $650
    • Size (18W x 21D)
  • Corner: $750 Sold Out
    • Size: (42W x 21D)
  • Medium:  $675 Sold Out
    • Size: (28W x 21D)
  • Oversized: $1000  Only 1 Left

Fill out the form below or call 970-349-4994 if interested in reserving a locker.   Payment will be due at a later date.

If you are a returning renter and have a preference for a specific locker, please let us know.